Certified Software Testers Course - Tescom Singapore Software Systems Testing
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Certified Software Testers Course

Intended Audience

The course is the foundation for other training in this series and is intended for:


  • End-users participating in User Acceptance Testing
  • Business System Analysts
  • Project, Technical and Quality Assurance Managers
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Software Analysts, Designers and Developers
  • Quality Assurance Designers and Testers participating in Product Release Testing
  • Application Subject Matter Experts


The intended audience is anyone involved in any form of testing.


The course participants are expected to have:


  • General understanding of Business Principles (pertaining to their field of expertise)
  • General knowledge and qualification in Information Technology
  • Overall familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Principle awareness of Traditional and Object Oriented approaches
  • General comprehension of Quality Assurance

Course Objective

At the end of the course the students will acquire knowledge pertaining to:


  • Software testing background (Why and How)
  • Software testing rationale and definitions
  • Quality Assurance and testing as a strategy
  • Software Quality Control principles
  • Software Testing Plan (High Level)
  • Software Test Rules Definition (High Level)
  • Software Test Descriptions (High Level)
  • Traceability Model
  • Testing in practice
  • Testing Measurement (High Level)
  • Software Quality Deployment (High Level)
  • Test Procedures
  • Defect Management
  • Test Procedural Language (TPL)
  • Agile / SCRUM principles (1 day extra for selected course implementation)

The Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

  • About This Course i.e. this document
  • Testing Fundamentals
  • Testing Rationale (Why)
  • Testing Strategy
  • Software Quality Control
  • Examination (60 minutes) – Closed Kit
  • Traceability Model
  • Testing In Practice
  • How to Measure Quality
  • Examination (60 minutes) – Closed Kit
  • Software Quality Deployment
  • Summary i.e. Review on all course subjects
  • Software Development Life Cycle (“Waterfall”, Iterative / Incremental”, “Agile/SCRUM”)
  • Workflows, Use Cases and Test Cases,
  • QA Measurements
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Practice Exercise – Test Process at the SDLC Stages
  • Examination (60 minutes) – Closed Tester’s Kit
  • What is Testing?
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Testing Methods
  • Defect Management
  • Test Procedural Language (TPL)
  • TPL hands-on
  • Introduction to Agile / SCRUM (1 day extra for selected course implementation)