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Cyber Security Testing

A type of software testing activities that intends to uncover the vulnerabilities of the system and to determine that its data and resources are protected from misuse, compromise, information theft and potential cyber security attacks.
Security Configuration Review

Security hardening review is performed to ascertain that the system is configured and hardened appropriately based on the security design of the system.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Is to assess the security holes (vulnerabilities) in an application, operating systems, network and communications systems and infrastructure.

Penetration Test (PT)

Is the process that exploits the vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible and identify which flaws pose a threat.

Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST)

A black-box security testing activity in which the application is tested from the outside without login information to analyze a web-based application and identify potential security vulnerabilities.

Static Application Security Test (SAST)

A white-box security testing activity to analyze the source codes of the application, identify and exploit all application and code vulnerabilities.

Source Code Review

A process to conduct a systematic examination of the computer program code to find and remove vulnerabilities.

Security Risk Assessment

Allows an organization to view the application portfolio holistically from attacker’s perspective and an integral part of an organization's risks management process. Risk assessment identifies, assess and implement key security controls in the application. It also focuses on preventing application security defects and vulnerabilities.

Policy and Process Compliance Review

Manual review of the current documentation relevant to industry ICT security policies, guidelines and standards and interview with the personnel before the system commissioning.

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This is a category of Black box testing, geared to functional requirements of an application, performed by the testing team.