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Test Automation

Automated software testing provides the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, test repeatability for testing projects and software releases over multiple iterations.

Test Automation helps when it comes to the test coverage. The automated test scripts allow test execution and reporting automatically thus minimize the need for human intervention, hence keeping the focus on increased test scalability whenever there is any human resources crunch; consistency in test execution as human resources would suffer fatigue and reduce test execution time due to time-consuming and repetitive test cases. Test Automation allows to reuse the existing tests without spending additional time and effort on creating new ones for future releases.

Automation Testing

Functional Test Automation

Automated testing is transposing manual functional test into test scripts with help of special software tools to control the execution of tests and then compares actual test results with predicted or expected results.

Compatibility Testing

It is a type of testing to verify whether the application is able to function according to requirement on with different hardware configuration and devices (mobile application testing), operating systems, browsers (cross-browsers testing) and network environment.

Test Automation Approach

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