Employee Value Proposition - Tescom Singapore Software Systems Testing
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Employee Value Proposition

At TESCOM we hire talent with aspiration and passion to achieve their dreams

  • Our talent come from different background, experience and culture but hold the same aspiration to be knowledgeable, relevant and useful
  • If you are passionate in whatever you do, we can help to achieve your goals with programs in our unique nurturing way
  • TESCOM leaders always thrive to inspire, encourage and realise every employee’s potential and aspiration

Be Part Of A Trendsetting Organisation That Helps You Progress Professionally And Personally

  • In our innovative work environment we promote new ideas, fresh perspectives and welcome controversial input and feedback
  • In TESCOM you can be a leader and inspiring those around you to create, build, drive positive changes

TESCOM provides the right opportunities for our employees to grow, gain experiences and achieve economic success

  • We aim to develop new ways and ideas to continuously hone the skills of our employees to grow in their field of expertise
  • Every employee has an equal opportunity to learn and be exposed to different domains and industries

We treat our employees with respect and recognize their contribution and efficiency

  • We respect and value our employees as the greatest asset of the company
  • Our employees believe, practice and promote treating all individuals with dignity in TESCOM community
  • Employees are recognised instantly and rewarded equitably for their contribution

Employee engagement in our workplace foster positive mindset at all times to overcome and excel in all adversities

  • We engage and listen to the needs of our employees, we take action to make things happen
  • TESCOM seeks ways to involve employees in our initiatives and preparing them to deal with adversities

Our people contribute to SMART nation building through our TESCOMER ways and by supporting our clients’ innovation in technologies and software development

  • Our service orientation culture guide our team to focus on our clients’ goals in their technology transformation journey
  • Our quest for improvement set our priorities to focus on relationships with all stakeholders

Re-imagine yourself being part of a team of consultants who help companies in their certification of software applications as you stay relevant and lead in the industry

  • Our clients value our contribution as a value adding partner for our interest is in the relationship with our clients and not just deals
  • We focus on our clients’ needs, goals, strategies and not just our own achievements
  • We ensure TESCOMERs are equipped with the skills that our clients demand at the same time stay up to date with technology trends

A unique and worthy experience is promised when you are truly a TESCOMER!

  • A true TESCOMER is when you become one of us!
  • You embrace our beliefs, values and purposes
  • You build credible reputation among your peers, subordinates, supervisors based on your good track records and responsibilities taken
  • In TESCOM we work as one community and in teams of consultants who care, consult, identify, acknowledge, share and overcome challenges together
  • We support and promote meritocracy where advancement is based on individual’s ability and achievement
  • Throughout your journey at TESCOM you will be amazed with new, exciting, rich learning and experiences
  • We are capable to create teams of tech savvy, smart working and dedicated TESCOMERS!


Lily Chia - profile pic

Lily Chia

Senior Test Manager

Working in Tescom over the years, I gained exposure working in projects in different industries such as travel, pharmaceutical, and defence. Tescom gives me the opportunity to grow as a professional in my field of work.
Ken Wong - profile pic

Ken Wong

Senior Test Consultant

In Tescom, I receive strong support from the more experienced and senior TESCOMERS who relentlessly guided me throughout my projects. Tescom is a great place to learn and grow.
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