Performance Testing

We in Tescom work with our clients to identify their performance test requirements and establish the parameters for the performance testing. These parameters feed into a performance test model where we will load test under different conditions such as data size, transactional load, usage scenarios and user roles, for web, mobile application and desktops applications. An absence of lack of performance testing can lead to system crashes, outages, and downtime, should the application and infrastructure not be able to handle the user load. Such scenarios can lead to reputation damage and loss of business.

Performance and Load Testing


Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behaviour under both normal and at peak conditions.


Stress testing is performed to determine a system’s behaviour beyond the expected peak conditions.

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing refers to tests typically done to find out whether an application can withstand the expected workload for a long period. During endurance tests, memory consumption is observed to determine potential bottleneck.


Spike Testing refers to tests conducted in which an application is tested with extreme increments and decrements in the load.

Performance Test Approach

Performance Test Approach
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